The Doors Of Wisdom Are Never Shut
Whats Past Is Present | Deception & Wisdom



"Now, now," she teased, always one to try to have the last word, "There’s only room for one condescending person in this relationship and I called it." She grinned up at his reaction to her proximity. Oh, he did his best not to show it, but she knew. She could feel his heart beating erratically underneath her hand. She grinned back at him after she pulled away, a challenging look on her face. "Prove it," her eyes dared him to try.

Taking the matches from him, she took a couple out and struck them, setting about lighting the fire. then took a seat next to him. By now, they were far away from the noises of the carnival and all that could be heard was their banter over the crackling fire.

"So tell me. Then take my memories away…if you can," she gave him a flirtatious grin. She wondered if he’d really do it. She wanted to push and prod him until he did, for her own entertainment, or until she was presented with something more entertaining. "So tell me, who’s memories did you wipe?"

Wisdom nodded boyish enthusiasm written all over his dark features, he relished teasing her. “Ahhh go on ahead ‘nd hold onto tha’ lil’ deception if yah like…” He retorted, he emphasized her name for effect. That look in her eyes made him think of things, naughty things, things he thought of from time to time but always thought it wise not to try. “If I feel a change ‘;n th’ tide I might. Maybe…” He gave her a charm of a smile before adding a brown eyed wink.

It was probably one of the very few times they had ever been alone, completely alone. In the Palace someone was always nearby it seemed, or something was always happening.

Another challenge, she was in rare form tonight he chuckled lightly and glanced over at her. “If I can?” He countered sarcastically before pursing his lips in thought as an idea crept into his mine. “I could kiss yah…then erase it…like it ne’er happened.” The moment the words left his mouth he flashed her a devilish grin and snickered at the idea before continuing the playful conversation. “Not tellin’ yah may ‘ave t’ torture meh fer tha’ information. Its on a need t’ know basis ‘nd yah dunna need to know.”

The Brotherhood (Wisdom & Vengeance)



Looking at Wisdom, she looked up at the mast, watching the breeze long enough to determine the wind. With not much knowledge in nautical know how, she was simply guessing but she did know guns, distance and the shot they could fire.

"Hold!" She cried out, waiting to slide up on them a little closer. Waiting felt like standing on the edge of a knife. Moving closer they were well within range now. Smiling she cried out "FIRE" the shot firing at the enemy mast. 

First disable, then slaughter.

"GIVE NO QUARTER!" She cried out grabbing a cutlass waiting to board the bastards.

Wisdom echoed her order, “FIRE!” And a mere moment later cannon fire echoed across the expanse of the deck. Men braced themselves, or ducked out of the way a top the deck as the heavy armory jumper back sending plumes of smoke up into the air. “Fire!” Wisdom bellowed, spittle flying from his lips as he leaned over the railing at the helm. A second round from the below deck cannons fired off, sending its fire straight into the hull of the other ship. Wind on their side and a skilled crew proved they were not dead in the water. 

Men scurried for grappling hooks and planks as the two ships came together. Wisdom noted the chaos a top the enemies deck. He smiled diabolically and then heard Vengeance bark out another order. He glanced over at her, only to do a double take. He’d never seen her so livid, so alive, so passionate it was rather a breathtaking sight to behold. “Brace yer selves lads…steady…NOW!”

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Keep A Hateful Eye On The Horizon (Hate & Wisdom)



Wisdom grinned widely, “Cannot blame meh fer tryin’ gent.” He teased as a infectious chuckle gripped and shook his shoulders. 

"Seems I am attracted t’ trouble. Good boys curse -I suppose." He replied cooly as he listened to his companion elaborate on the subject of his availability. "Oh sa yah admit, yah ‘ave a pretty face eh?"

"I never said I didn’t like the flirting. And of course I have a pretty face. I just don’t flaunt it as much as Pride does. That man is a walking advertisement for himself. I think he would marry himself if he found a way to do so." Hate chuckled. 

"i knew yah liked meh flirtin’, I jus’ knew it." Wisdom gave the man a brown eyed wink playfully wagging a finger at him too.

Wisdom chuckled at the zing sent Pride’s way. “How very astute of yah. Its so true its hilarious. I bet he looks ‘n a mirror while takin’ a piss.”

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Reunion (Jealousy & Wisdom)



"Tell me about it," Jealousy replied. "Seems I’m gonna have to head to Earth just to get laid." He sighed and swallowed more of his drink.

He chuckled as Wisdom teetered on the stool and almost unseated himself in the process. “Seems the only thing we need to try to handle is our drink.” Smiling crookedly, he leaned against the bar. “I’m game if you think you have a dare for me.”

"Yah can say tha’ again! hard t’ find a bed-mate around here." wisdom circled his finger around the brim of his glass, seemingly lost in his thoughts for a silent moment.

Steadying himself with great effort as he flashed Jealousy a charmingly boyish smile he then broke into laughter. “A dare yah ask of?” Wisdom gave him a devilish side glance, he was clearly up to something. “Oh aye. I ‘ave one fer yah….”

He paused taking a drink before he continued. “I dare you t’ …kiss meh.”

We Must Use Our Time Wisely | Time & Wisdom



"I have the gift of a fairly intelligent mind. It helps with figuring out the inner workings of not only the clocks, but also the time streams of people. Sometimes if I focus hard enough, I can see the time lines of the humans." she paused for a moment and then continued with her work. 

"You know very well that I don’t have a boss. But I do believe it is about time to take a bit of a break for lunch."

Wisdom raised an eyebrow at her inquisitively. “Dunna look at mine, might find somethin’ …scary.” He teased playfully as he gave picked a piece of lint from his wool coat. 

He chuckled at her reply, “I’m glad you have the time m’dear. Do yah ‘ave a favorite place around here that yah frequent?”